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Our Mission

Providing Elyria and Lorain high school students with tools and resources to promote positive leadership in the classroom, locker room, and community. 

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Our Vision

Preparing Lorain County high school students for life-long impact and community leadership by enhancing professional, social, and personal development skills. Allowing young minds to think larger within their community, city, and world.

Our Purpose

Leaders of Today Inc., a registered 501-(c)3 non-profit organization was established April 27, 2018 by its founder and CEO, Marsalis Hammons.  Hammons, being a first generation college student and having an upbringing in Elyria, Ohio,  was inspired to start an organization that would lead youth towards opportunities to make a positive change within their community.

Earning a high school diploma is key, but simply not enough.

The decisions students choose to make with their free-time outside of school reveals and develops skills that statistics cannot always prove.

According to a recent U.S Census report, Lorain County’s average percentage of people aged 18-25 years old with a bachelor’s was 24 percent. Yet, an alarming 16 percent of people 18-25 years old in Elyria obtained a bachelor's degree and only 12 percent of people in Lorain. Our purpose is to increase the amount of high school students in Elyria and Lorain who obtain post-secondary education and career readiness skills.

We believe by offering students tools and resources for positive leadership in the classroom, locker room, and community, this will prepare students to reach their full potential in all aspects of life. 

Meet Our Team

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Marsalis Hammons

Founder & CEO



Rob Spademan

Board Chair

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Jonathan Volpe




Amanda Belcher


Alex Moen

Board Member


Ali Abraham

Board Member 


Betsy Amador Ramos

Board Member 


Betsy Trump

Board Member 


Billy Yard

Board Member 


Keenan Williams Sr.

Board Member


Molly Tyson

Board Member 


Toni Lecorchick

Board Member 

Troy Hill

Board Member 

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